How to become a Sifu/Sigung?


Pai Lum Tao has one of the hardest tests to becoming a Sifu.  In order to become a Sifu, you just first obtain the rank of a gray sash, which is no small task in and of itself.  Then you must endure a minimal of a 3-day test where you will be tested on everything you have learned since the first day you stepped into the school.

Becoming a Sifu is a great honor.  There many black sashes in the world.  But only those who wish to instruct others, and thus be responsible for the preservation of the system, can obtain the rank of Sifu.  Becoming a Sifu is not only about the skills you possess on the floor, it’s also about the leadership, honor and courage you show as an individual.  A Sifu is a person that have risen to the ranks of leadership within the organization and with that title comes greater responsibilities.


Once one has reached the status of Sifu, a new journey begins.  Martial Arts becomes a way of life, not just some exercise done at a scheduled time.  For a select few who have mastered each branch of the Pai Lum Tao system, they may attain the rank of Sigung.

Being a Sigung, however, is more than just about gaining knowledge.  One can spend a lifetime gaining knowledge and never obtain the status of Sigung.  Becoming a Sigung is carrying Pai Lum Tao in your heart and soul.  Where a Sifu has only begun the journey of becoming a leader, a Sigung must be that leader.  They take on more responsibilities than just teaching a school.  They help to run the organization and preserve the society for generations to come.  Along with the Grand Master, they determine the direction the family must go in and how strong the family will be.  It is an even greater responsibility and burden Sigung accept and deliver upon.

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