How to Become a Simo?

A Simo is one of the most important roles in any school.  While the chief instructor is on the floor and making sure everyone is advancing in the style, the Simo is taking care of many of the other functions to keep the school running.

The role of a Simo is often a job of love.  No one tells her what she needs to do to become a Simo.  No one normally even asks her to become a Simo before she does all the work. 

Simo is an honorary title.  In traditional Chinese culture, it was the title bestowed upon the wife of the master instructor.  Back then, students who came to train with the master would actually live with him.  Whereas the student trained with the master, the Simo was responsible for the daily care of the students, ensuring they had a place to sleep and good food to eat.  If the student was injured, they would help nurse the student back to health.

In Pai Lum Tao, the Simo title is very closely aligned to the traditional definition.  The Simo takes care of much of the papwork and communications with headquarters.  They coordinate events at the school and oversee day-to-day operations.

The title of Simo is often bestowed upon a person by the master instructor and approved by headquarters.  However, it is the students that define the person in this role.  This is the person that the students naturally go to for help if the master instructor is busy.  It is this recognition by all the students in the school that makes this person a Simo beyond the formal title.

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