In Pai Lum Tao, women serve many roles that help the strengthen the system and family.  A woman in Pai Lum Tao can hold many titles and help the family in many ways.  Our role extends beyond the dojo and is one of the many reasons the family exists and grows.

A woman in Pai Lum Tao can hold formal ranks based upon their level:

  • SiDi :: A student who is learning the wonderful art of Pai Lum Tao
  • SiHing :: A senior student and assistant who is developed the art in themselves.
  • SiFu :: A teacher of the arts and entrusted with maintaining the integrity and preservation of the system
  • SiGung :: A master of the arts who not only teaches but also guides the vision and development of the system

A woman can also hold a very special title and one of the hardest jobs that one volunteers for within our system:

  • SiMo :: An assistant to the chief instructor of a school who assists in maintaining the growth and oversees the health of community and family with the chief instructor.

Women are the backbones to our Society, providing both guidance and support to many of us. And for other women of Pai Lum Tao, they are an inspiration. This site is dedicated to the women of Pai Lum Tao and all their accomplishments.

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